Caillou IS Whiny, But So Are Your Kids


So I was recently sent a link to a blog post that dealt with the subject of everybody’s favorite toddler, Caillou, or as Xander calls him “Tie-U.” Apparently there is a whole network of parents that are totally against Caillou. The emotions and opinions are pretty strong (note to self: the three things you don’t’ talk about: religion, politics, and Caillou), you people do realize he’s not real right?

The main complaint is that “Cailou is a whiny douche bag,” but as provocative and poignant as that statement may sound, I’m a bit confused. Hello…McFly anybody in there (yes, I just used a Back to the Future reference), kids are whiny! I know whiny kids, I’ve seen whiny kids, and parents continue to churn them out in record numbers. So in my opinion, Cailou is a totally accurate representation of reality.

I know it’s hard to realize or even admit just how whiny our own kids are, but I hate to tell you this, they are. If you don’t believe me, just ask another parent the next time you’re at the park or the mall playground. “Hey you see that kid in the Spider-Man tennis shoes, does he seem particularly whiny to you?” *

Me and Xander happen to love Caillou, yes, you heard right, I just put the “L” word next the “C” word. Caillou gives me a good half hour in the morning where I can finish the dishes, make and enjoy my coffee, and prepare Xander’s breakfast snack. It’s one of the few breaks that I get during the day, because once Caillou is over, the day begins with the “constants.” Constant entertainment, constant attention, constant….something.

I know I may be in the minority, but I will remain a dedicated Caillou fan. I would say to Caillou “Keep your head up and keep on keeping on.” (Not sure why I need to say this since you won’t be able to appreciate it anyway seeing as you are…ANIMATED.) Haters gonna hate.

*I do not assume responsibility for any brawls that break out as a result of the other parent’s response.


2 thoughts on “Caillou IS Whiny, But So Are Your Kids

  1. Ok. I’ll agree with you on the fact Caillou does give me a break…. But if our kid turns into that whiny little sissy douche bag of a kid we will have no one to blame but ourselves. September is a new month…. Out with the milky bottle… And out with that whiny kid! (Caillou, not Xander. Xander NEVER whines. He is perfect… Yeah right. I so wish!) I’ve decided to replace Caillou with someone far superior. Bob Vila. You heard me. Bob Vila. I am phasing him in. One half hour on you tube each morning. Xander gets his doll and his power tools and learns about REAL problems….. Oh no! The crown molding we ordered just won’t fit flush against the corner wall, we will need all our cool tools to fix that… As opposed to that retard Caillou’s problems….. Oh no! Leo fell down and broke his leg so now there is no one to play with meeeeee…… Seriously Caillou??? But…. This was a fun post… Loved the illustration… That looks just like Xander with his doll! So cute! Great job……..Aside from the fact CAILLOU SUCKS!!!! Lol. But we can debate this more later. Maybe while Xander is watching Caillou in the morning.

  2. I agree with you 100%! I love Caillou and so does my 2 year old daughter. Yes he is whiney and by all means not sweet and perfect but no child is and I like that my daughter can see that Caillou is not perfect and makes mistakes and when I watch the show with her, I talk to her about what’s going on in the story and then we can relate it to events that are similar with us. I like to hear my daughter say… “Caillou cry, he’s sad.” She is learning about social & emotional growth. I would much rather my daughter watch a whiney kid who’s learning lessons that a toddlers goes through then some cartoon mermaid kids that swim around in the water? (Referring to Bubble Guppies)
    Thanks for representing the Caillou fans!

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